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Weaver Aggregates: The Coin

The coin is the symbol of wealth and fortune. A great deal can rely on a single flip.
Qualities: Luck, Chance, Wealth, Affluence, Greed, Opposites
Absences: Safety, Poverty, Indecisiveness

Vance Spell: Aothrasal’s Adaptable Alarm

I create an invisible sensor that either follows me or stays fixed in a nearby spot I designate. The sensor is capable of letting out a soft bell tone or silently mentally alerting me when conditions I set are met. The conditions can be simple, complex, or nuanced, but can only be things detectable with normal sight and/or hearing. For example, I can tell it to watch for anyone who approaches while I sleep, attempts to pick my pocket, is wearing a red rose in their lapel, or says a certain phrase.

Vance Spell: Pallent’s Panic Button

I let out a shrill sound that causes nearby creatures to flee and mentally alerts and higher degree Vances in a very long range that I am in need of assistance.


(Briefs by category)

Drinks: Golden Ambrosia

This rare drink comes from The Golden Distillery where a different person works on each step of the process, never to work in the distillery again. Each sip has a different taste, each better than the last.

Communication: Iqbali Telephone

A marvelous specimen of communications enablement mined from the famed Telephone Mines of Iqbal.

Communication: Spider text

You whisper a message to a summoned spider, which then travels to the recipient and writes the message in silk as part of a web.

Newspaper articles: 13 Entities You Must Summon Now!

Our dedicated staff have spent hours in the Hall of Records and weeks in their protective circles finding the very best entities from the other Suns to bring into your service. They’ve all been tested to within an inch of their (and our!) lives. If you want to be known for the best summonings this season, you can’t go wrong with this bunch.

Miscellany: Documented names of the “Hendassa”

An index to documented names of the “Hendassa”.


House Secret: Clean carpets

Carpet that rolls up entrapping anybody who walks on it while wearing shoes. It then dumps them outside on the street and then spits out their chewed up shoes.

House Secret: Furniture arising

Vines that arise from the floor and walls as needed to accommodate the use of the room.


Sentient Pickles
Level 3

Sentient thoughtforms in the shape of pickles. A group of them sell mostly human eyelids soaked in brine at the Pickled Eyelids Shop.

Level 1

A talking sunflower that only speaks in flower-related puns.


The Last/First Pitstop

A pub located in two locations (opposite ends) on The Spine. Both entrances lead to the same pub, but you can only exit to the area you came in from.

Hallowed Grounds Cafe

A high-end cafe in the Marquis Quarter that serves speciality coffees, teas, and other beverages brewed from plants. Patrons sit at tables on an annular lawn that floats about 5 metres above street level, circling the serving station.

The Five O’Clock

A small, rather pedestrian bar in the Strangeglass where workers of different classes congregate. It is exceedingly popular as a destination because inside the bar it is always 5 o’clock and time will not pass outside while drinking there.


Level 8 Zilat

This zilat’s magic was awakened to craft gourmet food and soon employed at The Magniloquent Moth.

Polly & Castle
Level 7 Vislae

Conjoined Twins that have been separated by magic, but are actually still attached. They can move independently and the area where they were severed from each other is a pool of magic, which looks similar to red goldstone.

Level 6 Vislae

A private investigator who is cursed to have large mood swings dependent on the color of magic that is enhanced by the sooth card on Testament of Suns.

Level 8 Vislae

A nested set of four vislae using the Within Without spell. If the outer decides to end the spell or is killed or made unconscious, the next vislae in the nesting emerges. The outer vislae, Mat, contains Ry, who contains Osh, who contains Ka. Mat appears as a seven-foot-tall human.

Level 5 Spirit

A ghost who is perpetually on fire. In life, she was a 4th-degree Maker who created emergency response equipment.


Ingredient: Parauri

These small bronze-coloured beans are primarily used to make calamera, a popular coffee in Satyrine. If the beans or their grounds are placed on soil or grass, new parauri pop up out of the earth in rings surrounding the beans, like fairy rings of mushrooms.

Ingredient: Hate Crystals

Crimson-colored translucent crystals the size of rock salt crystals. The crystals add potency to objects that cause negative effects on emotions, or have destructive abilities.

Ingredient: Looking Glass Egg

The edible unfertilized egg of a species of looking glass known for its especially honest depiction of those who look within. Consumption may lead to excessive self-reflection.

Stabilizer: Nightside Whale Wax

Good for making candles and stabilizing any crafting that has gone awry due to temperature considerations.

Stabilizer: Kassonut

A passionfruit-sized tree nut that grows under the Gold Sun. It can be ground to a creamy paste that always presents a flavour brand new to the taster. In correct quantities, it is an effective stabilizer.


The Tale of a Candle Calling

You step onto solid pavement, bathed by the blue morning sun streaming in from ahead. From the stories you may have read about the Quiddity of Thought, which lies firmly in the Deeps of Sleep, you would expect it to be more of a no-man’s land teeming with savage communities of so-called “sentient” riff-raff. What you actually see before you is anything but.

The Tale of a Flowery Tribute

With only 17 hours until he was due to meet Artemisia and no crafted box to deliver, Reo’ris went for a late night walk in the neighbourhood to consider his options.

The Tale of a Jewellery Box That Wasn’t

Reo’ris’ crafting had not gone well. It had been a long few days–many more than he had expected or hoped. He was feeling a little hungover but not sure if it was the wine last night or the effort. But now it was time for the final push.


The Vancian Spell Canon

Vances don’t always seem to shine compared with the other Orders. Experienced GM Voidlight has designed a whole new Vancian Spell Canon.

Making digital card decks for Invisible Sun

A tutorial for making individual card images from the PDFs that come with the Invisible Sun digital Black Cube.