Background Info: The Deeps of Sleep are an area in the Blue Sun, where you can find seemingly anything that has been dreamt before. The Quiddity of Thought lies on the Dayside part of the Deeps of Sleep, but the Deeps of Sleep extend much further and even cross into the Nightside.

[See GM notes below.]

You step onto solid pavement, bathed by the blue morning sun streaming in from ahead. From the stories you may have read about the Quiddity of Thought, which lies firmly in the Deeps of Sleep, you would expect it to be more of a no-man’s land teeming with savage communities of so-called “sentient” riff-raff. What you actually see before you is anything but. The surroundings are quite lively, one could even say bustling, with activity. Small animals, thoughtforms, and—what’s this?—ordinary household objects and toys? All of these creatures are out and about, engaging in business or walking to wherever they go to engage in business, but nevertheless, they seem more relaxed and easygoing than their counterparts would be in Satyrine.

A large brown rabbit is in the middle of a conversation with a humanoid merchant in a stall. The rabbit’s hind leg starts tapping faster and faster until, finally, the rabbit opens its mouth, from which a stream of small pink sprites pour out and fly into an alleyway. The street merchant looks somewhat displeased, but hands over the merchandise. A blue box rolls down the sidewalk and stops at the entrance to a large, colorful building spewing out smoke from a misshapen chimney. The lid of the blue box opens, and what appears to be a severed head pops out, and the head starts having a conversation with a lamppost, speaking in a soft, sing-songy language you can’t understand. A group of human-sized pickles stroll down the sidewalk and hop up some stairs into a store selling what appears to be pickled eyelids. One of the eyelids in the window display winks at you as you stare.

Were it not for the gloomy clouds looming over the horizon, the scene could be described as picturesque. The buildings lining the wide street are in a variegated array of colors and styles, each building with a unique character of its own. And unlike downtown Satyrine this place has enough gaps between buildings where you could see the blurry landscape beyond. To the east there stretches a grassy hill dotted with cozy-looking homes. To the south, the cityscape continues upward, curving and distorting into an impossible landscape. To the north, you see a vast cloudscape seemingly held up by a massive white octopus; with its large yellow eye eternally watching over the bustling city. Now you see why Marra eagerly wanted you to visit this place; even Satyrine could not match how alive this place feels.

There is a loud sizzle to your left, and you are overwhelmed by the savory smell of bacon. A street vendor is hastily cooking a batch of breakfast foods for the impatient patrons waiting in line. At this point, you notice a girl staring at you from the entrance to a shop. The doorway is too small for you to walk through without ducking, but it is perfectly-sized for her.

She has long hair topped with what looks to be a jester’s cap, and is wearing a blue outfit adorned with all manner of trinkets hanging from her neck and belt: vials, charms, tiny skulls, even a jack-o-lantern with brown dried wax seeping from its mouth. She is standing at the entrance to a small shop labeled “Carla’s Candle Emporium“. Finally, her mouth opens and she says “Oi, you got a moment to talk?” (You notice her accent is also slightly sing-songy, with the consonants being pronounced too lightly. Nevertheless, she’s speaking your language, the language of Indigo, unlike the majority of the citizens here.)

“Mind if we have us a little chat? Don’t worry, I won’t be tryin’ ta sell you somethin’.”

GM Note: When I ran this place in a campaign, I sold it as a whimsical town that has a light and fluffy feeling. For the most part, the residents are happy, as they had never seen war. Random food and household objects (dreamt up by the people of Satyrine) fall from the sky at night, so poverty isn’t really a thing here. The only major issue they have is that most of the citizens are dream entities, who will eventually fade away if they aren’t dreamt. The plot hook for my party was that Marra (warden of the Blue Sun) wanted them to defend the town from incoming invaders, since the town had no defenses of its own. Carla can be helpful for this quest, since she makes bombs in her basement. The pickle mafia also profess they are well-armed, but pickle spears aren’t enough.


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Written by Masana Pawlan

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