Level 8 Vislae

A nested set of four vislae using the Within Without spell. If the outer decides to end the spell or is killed or made unconscious, the next vislae in the nesting emerges. The outer vislae, Mat, contains Ry, who contains Osh, who contains Ka. Mat appears as a seven-foot-tall human.

Mat (lvl 8) turns his skin to iron with Flesh Mail and uses Myrmidon’s Strength to punch people to death.

Ry (lvl 6) is six feet tall. He uses magic to harass and disable opponents. Limb Possession, Exquisite Pain, Dentata, etc. In desperation he will use Ktheris’s Fusion to combine with Mat. This will grant Mat Godspeed to escape.

Osh (lvl 4, +3 ranged attacks) uses Mortiferum to conjure a death gun and begin to snipe people from afar. He also knows Demonshriek. He is about five feet tall. In desperation he will create a barrier that living creatures cannot pass through around the PCs to trap them while Ka explodes.

Ka (lvl 2, +3 spellcasting) is only two feet tall, and runs around people’s ankles casting Mute Accord and commanding them to buy noodles from Magratha’s Noodle Shop in the Hollows. Alternately, he begins to steal and eat memories with Memory Spew. In a desperate situation, he can hold his breath until he explodes (“Red Face,” an altered version of Red Presence), dealing 5 points of damage to all nearby. His invisible ghost will then try to rush after his companions.

Written by Voidlight

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