Aothrasal’s Adaptable Alarm

Level 1 Vance Spell

I create an invisible sensor that either follows me or stays fixed in a nearby spot I designate. The sensor is capable of letting out a soft bell tone or silently mentally alerting me when conditions I set are met. The conditions can be simple, complex, or nuanced, but can only be things detectable with normal sight and/or hearing. For example, I can tell it to watch for anyone who approaches while I sleep, attempts to pick my pocket, is wearing a red rose in their lapel, or says a certain phrase.

The Lock of Orabavon

Level 3 Vance Spell

Something within medium range that can be shut is locked tight, requiring time and effort to force open. This can be a door, window, book, weapon in a scabbard, or even a mouth.

Taramoc’s Taxonomic Test

Level 3 Vance Spell

The caster learns the level of a faraway target as well as the sun it is native to (if it is a creature). The number appears written as appropriately colored light (or colorless light if color does not apply) in the air before the caster for a moment before dissipating.


Level 3 Vance Spell

I unleash channeled anger in the form of an energy projectile that strikes a target within long range. My Maleficence is unique to me and I determine what form the energy takes when I first cast this spell. The target suffers physical damage equal to the spell’s level, plus an additional effect based on the energy type (ongoing damage for fire, hitting additional target for lightning, losing next turn for raw emotion, able to target spirits for ectoplasm, etc).

Chesnor’s Twin

Level 2 Vance Spell

An identical, fragile copy steps out of me. It shatters into glassy shards if struck. I gain an enhancement to my Movement or Physicality pool as the copy helps me dodge an attack, boost over a wall, lift a gate, or something similar. It lasts until the enhancement is spent and shatters if it travels more than a short distance from me.

Watti’s Origami Servant

Level 3 Vance Spell

A collection of nearby papers (such as from a book) fly together to form a humanoid shape about 4 feet (1 m) tall. This level 3 construct cannot speak, but it can understand my verbal commands and will obey them to the best of its ability. It can assume a flattened form to fit in tight spaces or a glider form to glide short distances. It is quite flammable.

Thelassin’s Second Thought

Level 3 Vance Spell

I instantly swap a prepared Alpha spell in my mind for another Alpha spell I know. The discarded spell may be this spell if I wish, though I will still pay the sorcery cost to cast this spell in that case.

Moridiv’s Egregious Etiquette

Level 3 Vance Spell

I say terrible, insulting things, but those I’m speaking to hear the opposite—polite, witty, and flattering words. The worse the words that come out of my mouth, the more beautifully they land upon others’ ears. I add 2 enhancements to my Interaction pool.

Pallent’s Mouthpiece

Level 3 Vance Spell

I speak through another creature within medium range, or within limitless range if I have touched them at some point. If I know the secret name of the creature they automatically fail to resist. The creature that I speak through can take no actions while I do so, but I can take no actions other than speaking. If they are not within sight, I must use some other means (like a spell) if I want to be aware of their circumstances.