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Our dedicated staff have spent hours in the Hall of Records and weeks in their protective circles finding the very best entities from the other Suns to bring into your service. They’ve all been tested to within an inch of their (and our!) lives. If you want to be known for the best summonings this season, you can’t go wrong with this bunch.

★ 13. Eumea (Lvl 5 Angel)
Just squeaking back into the list this year, Eumea comes with fresh songs of persuasion. (Bribery, original music.)

12. Kelrod (Lvl 4 Demon)
The jaunty third horn brings all the demons to the yard. Will Glorify the %#$& out of you.

11. Leodail (Lvl 3 Angel)
Sweetness and light, if you think a 200bpm strobe is a light! Can Create great fixtures for your home but send him home at night!

10. Bardisan (Lvl 4 Spirit)
A bit glum, a bit proper, but he knows what’s happening if you ask the right Query. (Bribery, Aethyr Link.)

★ 9. Molgrin (Lvl 8 Demon)
Ah, Molgrin. We knew we hadn’t seen the last of you! You fell for us once, and you’ll fall for us again. Not the brightest tool in the shed but will Assail like no other. (Trickery, dice games.)

8. Naoki (Lvl 9 Angel)
A smart Ally, but taken to wearing elaborate costumes. Will fit in at the fanciest of parties! (Bribery, party clothes.)

7. Leflee (Lvl 2 Angel)
Big night at Zero’s? Leflee can sort you out. Will Restore your Physicality and then wipe those embarrassing memories. (Persuasion, pity seeking.)

6. Argazos (Lvl 1 Demon) ★
A simple fellow. Steal some piles of meat for him, he’ll Steal what you want in return.

5. Dineke Rass (Lvl 3 Spirit)
Ms. Rass misses her physical body and won’t mind being Bound to any soft toy you can find. (Persuasion, cuddles.)

★ 4. Three-Tongued Adriel
(Lvl 6 Demon)
A perennial fave! For 5th season on the list, Adriel knows what side her bread is buttered on. For the right price, she’ll give your enemies a licking! (Bribery, rare metal piercings.)

3. Dardariel (Lvl 7 Angel)
He’s got the moves and knows how to use them. Slips in and out without being noticed, an ideal last-minute high-stakes Spy.

2. Marisa Machado (Lvl 7 Spirit)
A life coach in her own life, Marisa gives great Counsel to a Goetic feeling adrift. (Bribery, fresh fruit.)

1. Hudson the Lunatic (Lvl 2 Demon)
How can anybody get by without a Hudson in their life? He’ll Aid you in any menial task around the house, but remember to ask in rhyming couplets or things might not go as planned. Silly Hudson! (Bribery, sparkly trinkets.)

Front and back of a magazine tearsheet prop.

Written by David Harris

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