Strangeglass district, Satyrine

In the Northeast section of the Strangeglass district, equidistant from both the working class mills and the high-profile executive offices, one can find a small, rather pedestrian bar called The Five O’Clock where workers from both places congregate. It is hardly a glamorous destination; the carpets are a little worn, the air a little musty, and the hastily-made happy hour drinks are often a little watery or unpleasantly strong. But as a destination, it’s exceedingly popular for one gimmick: It is always five o’clock inside, no matter what time it is when one enters. Upon leaving, one will determine that time has not seemed to pass outside the bar either. One can quite literally get drunk in no time at all.

The bar’s owner, Burke Billett, is a vislae with a proclivity towards Time Magic. He enjoys maintaining the place like a relic of the Grey; Perhaps the entire place is an oversized Memento from Shadow, or houses a memento within it. He is not forthcoming with an answer, but he does appreciate that the pause in the day brings in a wide variety of beings with a lot of stories and secrets. Note that only a select few are trusted enough to become regulars; those who spend much more than an hour of time inside the bar will be asked to leave by an unhappy bartender. Those who cause trouble may be personally escorted by Burke into a different version of the bar, one that is perpetually just after Last Call.

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Written by Casey Caston/@ultramundane

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