Expand your world with this selection of sites, podcasts, actual plays, and social media presences.

Buying the game

Monte Cook Games website: (Invisible Sun products)

Play aids

Fillable character sheets on Google Sheets. By Masana Pawlan (@CosmicKiki)


Incantations: An extensive set of discussions of many aspects of the Invisible Sun game and world. A must listen! By Scott Robinson (@agonseer) and Dave Hanlon (@tex_red).

The Secret Cellar (at Zero’s Bar), (@_SecretCellar_): The Secret Cellar looks at Invisible Sun through the lens of UX and game design. It includes discussion of the game and interviews with a range of interesting guests connected with the game and storytelling and gaming more generally. It is presented by Jason Robinson (@VafeR).


The Crepuscule Notion: A collaborative fan fiction narrative network strongly connected to some of the MCG-run or -sanctioned campaigns such as A Woman With Hollow Eyes.

The Magniloquent Moth: Delectable Invisible Sun comestibles ready for serving at the game table. Presented by culinary artiste and gourmet conjurer Salinday.


Cypher Unlimited Discord server has multiple Invisible Sun channels for players, GMs, and secret analysis along with a wealth of discussion of everything Monte Cook Games related.

r/invisiblesunrpg has less discussion than other forums but is generally high quality.

Actual Plays

The Raven Wants What You Have | Main Season | Gen Con 2018 Live Play (YouTube playlist and link): An actual play GMed by Monte Cook himself with Shanna Germain as In’Kalia, Bruce Cordell as Savion Clay, Sean Reynolds as Seru, and Darcy Ross as The Cicatrix. The full season has about 20 episodes ranging from side scenes of 10-15 minutes through to full sessions approaching 90 minutes. The Gen Con play follows the main season but is played in front of a live audience and is about 90 minutes long.

A Woman With Hollow Eyes | Season 1 | Season 2 (YouTube playlists): ONE SHOT podcast’s actual play GMed by Darcy Ross with James D’Amato as Calvin Weaver, Kat Kuhl as Kitty, and Alan Linic as Wayne. Season 1 has about 60 hours of play total, Season 2 has about 20 hours. Strap in!

Unearthly Twilights | Full season (YouTube playlist): Grant Ellis GMs with Kelli Butler as Armida, Jim Davis as Python, TK Johnson as Baylon, Jonathan Pruitt as Galihad, and Jordan Shiveley as Noah. About 15 hours of play.

Truth Hidden Among Hearts | Ongoing season (Website): An ongoing audio actual play, with players often in voice and a humorous feel. Eric GMs with Cat as Only Rachel, Lisa as Malan, Dave as The Professor, and Adam as Eleventeenth Street.

The Hole in the World | First Episode (YouTube Playlist) | Ongoing season (Twitch channel) : A series following the adventures of four exiled magical adepts returning to the world of the Indigo Sun. Join Gavriel, Kyrrie, Maurice, and Twigg with Zach as GM as they struggle to remember a mystical world torn apart by war.

Social Media

Invisible Sun Vislae Portal (Facebook group): Active group with over 700 members posting inspirational content, questions from newbies and experts, and discussion of many topics.

List of twitter accounts with primarily Invisible Sun content or strong associations with the game.

Twitter hashtag #invisiblesunrpg.

Under The Invisible Sun (@piscinegrange): Free yourself from the Shadow! There is much to see and do in the Actuality and I will guide you through some of the highlights. [The twitter account for this site.]

Invisible Sun Microfictions (@IS_microfiction): Short, dreamy stories of life in the Actuality.

Lower Taverswood Gazette (@taverswood): Local news & community updates from Satyrine’s quietest district.

Surreal Spells (@SurrealSpells): Fantastical ideas for reality breaking worlds.

Satyrine Infinitely (@S_Infinitely): If it’s going to happen we already reported it. Satyrine’s ONLY newspaper of record.

The Crepuscule Notion (@The_NOTION_): Gloamtide news from Satyrine & all the Suns. Connected to The Truth Bleeds at Twilight actual play. Full editorial staff and locations in the building.

Thomas Michael’s ongoing narrative (@Bell_Chimes_In): A series of tweets forming a more extensive narrative in which the character, mostly unknown at this point, explores the Actuality. [Link is to specific Invisible Sun tweets within the feed.]