The Actuality is an unusual place. There is no end to what can be found under the Suns but this guide highlights some of the features of the world that vislae might encounter.

This site is intended as a resource for GMs of Invisible Sun. Players might find it spoils their experience if their GM is also using this resource. You have been warned!

You will find locations, magic, NPCs, secrets, and a range of ideas for building your world, or just adding flavour to it. (In the part of the Shadow this site is coming from, spelling has a peculiar character, almost as if everything is upside down or just twisted to the side.)

Readers should feel free to use, adopt, adapt, and remix these ideas for your games.

Some of the content is derived from a particular Invisible Sun campaign but those parts can just as easily be adapted and used as you see fit. If you see things connected to the neighbourhood of Piscine Grange, that’s probably what you’re looking at. You might come across Reo’ris, Ruzahl, and Paraclatos, who are PCs in that campaign but perhaps they’ll visit yours. Feel free to change names and details as desired.

We expect that information from other campaigns will also be incorporated into the site and these ideas might end up staying disjoint, intermingling, or perhaps even contradicting. But this is the Actuality and what seems a contradiction might not be underneath. That said, this is not an attempt to build a single coherent sub-setting within the canonical Invisible Sun world but a set of loosely connected ideas that you can use however you see fit.


The content on this site is developed by a small group of people but we do consider additional contributions that might fit, whether in the form of additions to entries or new entries. If you are interested in submitting, please email us at “submissions” at the domain name of this site.

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