Polly & Castle

Level 7 Vislae, +1 Socializing, +1 Secret keeping, +1 Warding vampires & other ruined expanse creatures

Conjoined Twins that have been separated by magic, but are actually still attached. They can move independently and the area where they were severed from each other is a pool of magic, which looks similar to red goldstone.


Level 6 Vislae, +3 Perception, -2 Self Control

A private investigator who is cursed to have large mood swings dependent on the color of magic that is enhanced by the sooth card on Testament of Suns.


Level 8 Vislae

A nested set of four vislae using the Within Without spell. If the outer decides to end the spell or is killed or made unconscious, the next vislae in the nesting emerges. The outer vislae, Mat, contains Ry, who contains Osh, who contains Ka. Mat appears as a seven-foot-tall human.


Level 5 Vislae

A girl with inherent magical talent. One day she dreamed too deeply and became trapped within the Deeps of Sleep. She now runs a candle shop named Carla’s Candle Emporium, where she creates magical candles.