Paraclatos is an Iconoclastic Ardent Apostate who Dwells in Darkness.

His family disappeared but he doesn’t know why. He believes they were wronged by their order although doesn’t know which Order they were part of. That has led to his apostasy and his drive to avenge his family by bringing down an order.

His house is Hidden but when found always appear to have been there. It moves regularly within a small bounded area, apparently always in site of a treehouse that appears to act as the meeting place for an unknown group.

He brought a music player with him from Shadow and an ability to read extremely quickly.

GM NOTE: Paraclatos is a PC in an actual campaign so should be used and adapted with care as other material connected to him will be added to this site, potentially in ways that could conflict with any direction you might take him as an NPC.

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Written by Paraclatos and David Harris

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