Ruzahl Memorn Raum Bloodworth is an Itinerant Ardent of the Order of Goetica who Hosts a Legion.

She lives in Piscine Grange, mostly at the Obsidian Dunes Inn but often crashes on the couch of her friend Quinn Whitchurch, who lives next door to Reo’ris.

In Shadow, she was Chester Raum and brought a fountain pen to the Actuality along with the ability to effectively weave a story from very little.

Small vials or containers of liquids she passes near retreat from her.

GM NOTE: Ruzahl is a PC in an actual campaign so should be used and adapted with care as other material connected to her will be added to this site, potentially in ways that could conflict with any direction you might take her as an NPC.

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Written by Ruzahl and David Harris

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