Levator Palpebrae Supereoris, known as Reo’ris, is an Established Stoic of the Order of Makers who Understands the Words. He specialises in crafting objects that involve mechanical puzzles.

He lives in Piscine Grange in a prominent house that is folded so that only one room is unfolded at a time. To move from room to room, one must fold open the new room, like pages in a popup book, “flattening” the old room. Things are unaffected. People must stick together or risk being ejected into the street. It makes going to the bathroom potentially awkward.

From the Shadow, he brought a copy of the Kinks album Misfits (1978) on vinyl, with liner notes. He also brought the skill of cheating at cards.

Whenever he cracks an egg, it has a double yolk.

GM NOTE: Reo’ris is a PC in an actual campaign so should be used and adapted with care as other material connected to him will be added to this site, potentially in ways that could conflict with any direction you might take him as an NPC.

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Written by Reo'ris and David Harris

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