Level 4 Vislae
Modifications: +2 Geometry, +1 Plotting

A generally anti-social Maker whose preferred creations involve the construction of objects and architecture involving as many right angles as possible. Her devices will surround non-orthogonal objects with a cubic structure made of the inner material of the object. As a result, in some cases the modified object looks like it has been turned inside out, which is particularly unfortunate for living creatures.

Olfactores is a source of great stress for her as everything about it involves curves, including the fish. She hopes to disrupt the pet fish gatherings enough that they cease completely. She does this by holding her nose at the distasteful form of the creature but transports a tiger shark into the main fish pond where it makes short work of any pet fish playing.

Aurelia is an ideologue who is actually being played by the Vespertine. They are testing her to see that she can play a small part in destruction with a view to advancing her to full indoctrination.

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Written by David Harris

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