Level 5 Vislae

A girl with inherent magical talent. One day she dreamed too deeply and became trapped within the Deeps of Sleep. She found her way to the Quiddity of Thought, a town filled with sentient dream entities and thoughtforms, where she befriended four dream entity children named Billy, Joshua, Dovetail, and Dippy. Since her friends will disappear if no one dreams of them, she spends most of the day sleeping to keep them in existence, and she is usually cranky as a result. She now runs a candle shop named Carla’s Candle Emporium, where she creates magical candles as if she were a Maker of around the 2nd-degree. In the basement of the shop, she experiments with making “unstable candles” (really just bombs) with various effects.

She doesn’t particularly identify as vislae and apostate-like doesn’t identify with an Order. Her magical skills are, however, significant and broader than those of a Zilat.

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Carla’s Candle Emporium
Quiddity of Thought

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The Tale of a Candle Calling

Written by Masana Pawlan

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