The Blue

A large town (the largest?) in the Deeps of Sleep, mainly inhabited by sentient dream entities.


  • Mostly sentient dream entities and thoughtforms of various shapes, including people, animals, everyday objects, and things that only exist in dreams.
  • The townspeople keep to themselves in the interest of self-preservation.
  • Once in a while, a particularly heavy sleeper becomes trapped here with no way to wake up. A few of those dreamers are now permanent residents, their physical bodies atrophied or deceased.
  • Most beings residing in the city can speak Indigo, but they have a distinctly Blue accent.


  • Carla’s Candle Emporium: Run by a ten-year old girl and her imaginary friends. The more expensive candles are ephemera objects. Carla herself was originally human, but found herself trapped her when she could no longer wake up. Her “imaginary” friends are Billy, Joshua, Dovetail, and Dippy. She secretly makes bombs in the basement.
  • Pickled Eyelids Shop: Run by a family of sentient thoughtforms in the shape of pickles. They mostly sell human eyelids soaked in brine.
  • Gruff’s House: The house of a nice old man who was formerly a Goetic. He found the Quiddity of Thought and decided to retire here. His house is cozy, but oddly smaller on the inside than the outside. A warm fire is always burning in the hearth.


  • Quest: Carla needs some Nightside Whale Wax for her latest candle idea.
  • Social: A lamppost is talking to a large teddy bear, who is giving the party funny looks. (“Ah, visitors from Indigo. I’m glad I learned your language at school.”)
  • Social: Conversation between a dog and a fire hydrant talking about a friend who has “faded away”; the hydrant appears to be crying.
  • Combat: In a deserted alleyway, a cadre of sentient pickle thoughtforms ambushes the party, demanding they hand over their eyelids.


50% pleasant, 15% windy, 15% rainy, 20% raining small objects from the dreams of people in Satyrine (mostly at night).

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Written by Masana Pawlan

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