The Blue

A set of apartment buildings and other structures tethered together by cables.

The buildings are slowly breaking down and there are now more broken cables than functional ones.

Used to be part of The Fade district in Satyrine, but split off and drifted into the Blue sometime before The War.


  • Most residents are elderly. Some are eager for news from Satyrine.
  • There are many thoughtforms, but they seem more lively than the thoughtforms in Satyrine.
  • An elderbrin riding a large seahorse ferries people between buildings for a small fee of food.


  • Includes a cafe, a community ballroom, and a small amusement park.
  • A merry-go-round with automobiles instead of cars; rotates all day every day except Tuesdays
  • A hotel that is no longer inhabited (haunted by a sentient spell)


  • Quest: The local brewery is drifting away due to its cables snapping a few days prior. The elderly residents are incapable of the labor or magic needed to reattach it.
  • Social: Something has been interfering with the Noƶsphere recently, and the local communications have been cut off from the outside. This isn’t too much of a problem, but some of the locals want news of what’s going on in Satyrine.
  • Combat: Invaded by hostile wild entities of the Blue.


75% pleasant, 25% windy, 10% mundanely rainy, 5% raining soft objects such as unicorn plushies and cotton candy.

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Written by Masana Pawlan

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