Level 8 Demon
Modifications: +3 Resist, -1 Dodge, +3 Withstand, +1 Planning

Overly bureaucratic, Vanieur seems to have very little regard for humanity, just rules. This probably reflects their origins in the Pale, where they played a minor role in overseeing the transition of the dead into the Pale. They are a member of the Piscine Grange Homeowners Association Committee.

They typically appear as a granite monolith with a hexagonal base (the number of the Pale is 6) but changing its upper form, sometimes to a point, sometimes as a hexagon or sometimes a form where people who try to count the number of points on the upper surface lose the ability to do basic mathematics for an hour after they leave its presence. They most definitely appear in the lighter shades of granite.

Although they have no visible moving parts, those in its presence unequivocally understand speech coming from them.

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Written by David Harris

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