Level 9 Demon
Modifications: +3 Resist, +1 Dodge, +1 Withstand, +1 Intimidation

A severe looking elderly woman with hair tied back in a pure silver bun with a shock of red running from the front left over her left ear. She is strong-willed and impatient, not suffering petitioners to the Homeowners Association Committee, of which she is a long-time member, well unless they are direct, explicit, and concise.

She wears a silver nosegay holder with a fresh sprig of an unidentifiable flower, also silver in colour but clearly living. The flower grows and subsides in relation to her agitation level. If the flower subsides to nothing due to her frustration, she blames the petitioner for the death of the flower and promises to send them a bill for its replacement, which she never does.

The silver represents her home origin of the Silver Sun.

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Written by David Harris

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