Level 7 Vislae
Modifications: +2 Resist, +2 Leadership, +1 Cunning

Gerent of the Piscine Grange neighbourhood in Fartown. She is a wealthy high level Goetic who runs the neighbourhood for her own entertainment, operating via the actions of a number of permanently summoned demons who appear human. She creates drama in the neighbourhood by interfering in various situations including through the Homeowners Association Committee.

She appears as a kindly but decisive and savvy manager of the neighbourhood. She seems to tolerate the shenanigans of the HAC with amusement as long as they don’t cause trouble but is, of course, able to intervene at any time.

She has a soft spot for low-level Goetics in her neighbourhood with an almost motherly responsibility for them. However, she won’t reveal her order or the nature of her use of demons.

Her last name is adopted to reflect her appreciation of white wines, which she has long had procured from the green sun by her demons but has recently found a lacuna who will obtain it for her.

Her house appears to made of woven vines in the shape of a wine glass with the shape of the glass changing to match the ideal shape for the vessel for the last wine she drank and in the quantity of the number of people there drinking with her.

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Written by David Harris

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