Level 7 Vislae
Modifications: (4th degree Weaver); +2 Investigation; +2 Persuasion.

A 12-year-old boy who is unable to speak but seems connected with everything going on in the neighbourhood. He has an uncanny ability to communicate his thoughts and intentions extremely precisely through his facial expressions and body language to the point where most people who deal with him don’t even realise he has no voice. He often does odd jobs around the neighbourhood as a way of earning pocket money and to make sure he knows all the gossip that could lead to his next job. He’s saving the money because he wants to take a trip on a sunship so that he can talk with it.

Confounding appearances, he is a key member of a local Weaver cell, as a 4th degree Master of the Weft.

He wears a baseball cap with the Lower Taverswood Tarantulas logo and always appears in shorts with a short sleeved button-up shirt and a wide striped tie.

Written by David Harris

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