Chesnor’s Glass Skin

Level 3 Vance Spell

My flesh becomes mirrored. I gain +1 to defense against magic, and total immunity to unwanted minor magic and minor flux effects. Any mundane damage I suffer is increased by 1.

Levin’s Blessing

Level 1 Vance Spell

A willing person I touch gains bene equal to the level of this spell in any pool I choose. NPCs gain a modifier in something I choose equal to half this spell’s level (round up).

Lastra’s Neutral Color

Level 3 Vance Spell

I alter the fundamental nature of the next spell I cast so that it is associated with whatever color I wish, regardless of its effects. Thus, this changes the way the spell interacts with secrets, items, and even Sooth card turns.

Norham’s Notes

Level 2 Vance Spell

A silver writing implement appears and begins to record all nearby action and dialogue. It may sketch things difficult to describe textually, and will provide footnotes with Vancian library reference numbers where relevant.

Buella’s Lamp

Level 2 Vance Spell

I fill the medium area around me with bright light, as if I had a powerful lamp. Text illuminated by this light appears in my native language.