Cloud map

A cloud pattern appears reflecting the layout of buildings, roads, and landscapes below. Anything that disturbs the clouds (like birds or some aerial vehicles) have a consequent effect on the ground.

Pollen outbreak

Every plant in the region has pollen emerge from its interior onto the surface until it reaches a critical mass that explodes outward filling a small area with a glittery silver haze that makes any being caught in it sneeze uncontrollably for 3 minutes, leading to a -1 penalty on all actions during that time.

Ghost wind

Blows through an area causing ghosts of inanimate objects to break free where they combine with each other into new hybrid ghost forms. A rumoured spell is able to bring the hybrid ghost forms into a physical permanent reality.

Coalescing microstorms

Approximately 100 hexagonal cells (about 3 metres in diameter) of intense coloured lightning appear dotted about the landscape within about 10 kilometres of a central point. They then drift slowly toward other nearest cells, each time combining to form slightly larger cells. This continues over a period of hours until all have coalesced into one…

Scent storm

Intense breezes of scent blow through an area. Sometimes it is just one scent but other times the breeze changes direction bringing a different scent. The scent is new each time but always seems to be something that strongly activates memories for a few locals.

Wellspring of hope

A rising feeling of hope lifts over a period of hours through a neighbourhood. People are aware of their lower bodies feeling strangely good and when it gets as far as their heads, they feel the hope. People on higher floors or hills feel it later, or they can lower down into it.

Sand flood

A sand flood doesn’t damage anything but coats all paved or hard surfaces in a new thin hard layer of transparent glass as it passes. Small pets can be caught in it, with the glass forming a shell around them that the pets can jump through if quick, leaving behind the hollow glass shell attached to the street or surface.


Emanating from a library, a spinning tornado of books rises up, moving through a neighbourhood sucking up books in whatever building it passes over but leaving behind different ones (actually just shuffles books between libraries in the local area).