Dorsogne Noir: An unusual wine from the Viridescent Vineyard. It’s grapes only grow if dosed with rosewater on the hour every hour for three years.
Blafe Blanco
Xenac Chiaretto: Good quality.
Gheilbower Acescence: High end.
Virdornes Liquoroso
Doccuvel Abboccato: Good quality.
Atium Doux
Fungionier: A cheap white wine from the Indigo.
Ainia Piquant
Eblage Mousseux
Chemige Rosado: A light red wine with overtones of soccer matches.
Jirchesis: A medium quality red wine from the Green Sun. It makes your nose hair grow on sniffing it.
Tenti Adega
Shurrosse Dulce
Keilet Rouge
Jonier Invecchiato
Shavens P├ętillant
Enkocano Adamado
Cheblevrey Secco


Grandfather von Sparkle: The true form of Pappy von Winkle bourbon whiskey that can sometimes be obtained in Shadow.

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