A large town with stylized buildings. According to the locals, a new building pops up fully-formed every year or so. Some powerful being must be dreaming them up, since some buildings have lasted for nearly a century with few signs of wear. It has been furnished with imports from Indigo, and many residents hail from there as well.

Community Garden

This community garden has plots for each resident of the neighbourhood but they are folded in space so that only the currently active plots are visible. Residents use the plots for relaxation, entertainment, food, or to support their businesses.

Listening Post

The Listening Post appears to be a large apple tree but instead of apples it has pairs of headphones. In Fartown’s eternal Autumn, the “fruit” fall from the tree (without ever running out). You can wear the fallen headphone fruit and hum a tune or speak a lyric to hear the full the song play.

Piscine Grange

A neighbourhood of Fartown on the south-east side of the Goetic Hall of Records, extending as far as the Bleed. It is a generally convivial relaxed neighbourhood and almost welcoming of tourists despite the general Fartown suspicion of outsiders.